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At Skyview Pools we offer a variety of above ground swimming pools from steel, resin, aluminum, and extruded aluminum. Nothing delivers value like extruded aluminum and nobody delivers great aluminum pools like Skyview Pools! Here are a few reasons why aluminum is your best investment for long-term enjoyment:

Corrosion resistance: Aluminum’s very atomic structure makes it resistant to rust
and corrosion, which means it can stand up to soil, minerals, moisture and chemicals.

Total reliability: There’s a reason that aluminum is the material of choice for the
airline, automotive and construction industries. Fighter jets, skyscrapers, scaffolding
and bridges – aluminum is the material people trust with their lives.

Incredible strength: Pound for pound, aluminum is twice as strong as steel, and even
stronger compared to resin. When it comes to retaining the pressure of thousands of
pounds of water, aluminum is always up to the challenge.

403 Lebanon Rd West Mifflin, PA 15122

Phone: 412-462-1150
Fax: 412-462-5595

E-Mail: contactus@skyviewpools.com

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