We sell a complete line of pool & spa chemicals including a full Line of BioGuard products.
Skyview Pools offers in-house water testing to keep your pool healthy & crystal clear! With a little help from Alex of course!


Skyview Pools offers a variety of BioGuard pool care systems:

    • There is the standard Once-A-Week 3-Step Chlorine Care system.
    • For the pool owners looking to use a chlorine-free system we off the SoftSwim system.
    • Those with salt water, which still contains chlorine, can choose to use the SaltScapes or Mineral Springs systems.
    • We also offer a full line of SpaGuard chemicals for all of your hot tub needs.

Weekly maintenance is as EASY as 123!



 Some BioGuard chlorine products we offer in store feature the Silk Guard technology. Not only do chlorine products with Silk Guard provide protection to your water by continuously killing bacteria, they give your water a silky, soft smooth feeling.

 New Bioguard Products for 2017

Pool Opening Complete is a new product this year to help make opening your pool as smooth as possible and get your pool off to a great start this season! This product helps remove winter filth & quickly cleans pool water. This product can be used in any pool, inground or above-ground. Also, can be used in any chemical care system such as salt, chlorine or biguanide.

Instant Stabilizer 100 is used to prevent the loss of free chlorine residual in swimming pool water due to sunlight. Protecting your free chlorine from sunlight reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs. Instant Stabilizer 100 is a liquid product that goes into solution rapidly and is more convenient to use than traditional granular stabilizers.

Hot Sellers:

BioGuard_Pool-CompletePool Complete will take your pool to the next level! This weekly maintenance product produces water that’s simply AMAZING to behold. It’s hard to describe the visual results, but even pool owners with routinely good-looking water find their water simply remarkable. See your pool in HiDef!




smartshield Smart Shield forms an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the surface of your pool to reduce evaporation. Limiting evaporation conserves pool water & retains heat.  Regular use of Smart Shield will extend your swim season without the hassle of traditional solar blankets. This long-lasting formula works up to 30 days after application!

In the Spotlight:

Optimizer Plus is a valuable addition to any of the BioGuard Pool Care Systems. It works in chlorinated, brominated or biguanide treated pools to suppress algae growth.  But what you’ll immediately notice is it enhances water quality by making water feel softer & look like sparkling diamonds.

  • Long lasting algae suppressant
  • Leaves water soft & soothing
  • Improves water quality
  • Helps create crystal clear, sparkling swimming pool water

For Salt Water Pools:

SaltScapes & Mineral Springs are pool water care systems for saltwater pools. This line of products is designed specifically for saltwater pools, making pool care simple and easy.

Chlorine-free as EASY as ABC


Soft, clear, chlorine-free water is easy to achieve. That’s the philosophy behind SoftSwim. It’s the reason pool owners everywhere are making the big switch to non-chlorine pool care! Softswim is usable in both Above-groundand In-ground pools. 

  • A: Prevent algae growth
  • B: Sanitize to kill bacteria
  • C: Oxidize & Clarify for sparkling clear water

SpaGuardlogotransHere at Skyview Pools not only do we help you with making your pool water sparkle and shine, we also test and help balance your spa water as well! SpaGuard products are known for delivering reliable results and making spa care less complex. SpaGuard carries an extensive line of spa solutions that match your unique needs.

Spa and hot tub care needs to be simple, without the need for a chemistry degree or math skills and measuring tools. You just want water that looks good and feels great. We offer Soft Soak Trio Spa Kit which is a simple spa water system that requires no measuring.  TRIO is simple; just 3 products for 3 months of stress-free enjoyment. With zero measuring needed for a 350 to 450 gallon spa, TRIO is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, salt, minerals, and UV.

If you have any questions about the products we offer, please call, E-mail or see us in stores!

Proper water chemistry is required to keep a swimming pool safe and clean for swimmers. Maintaining a swimming pool’s chemicals can save pool owners time and money. That is why Skyview Pools provides water testing with our in house lab for your convenience. If your water needs adjustment we will suggest the best products and solutions so you don’t have to shop on your own.

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